Stacey Welch

Confident    -    Visionary    -   Approachable

Elect Stacey Welch on Tuesday June 8th

4th   Ward Councilwoman

I’m lifelong resident of   Ward 4. I have   successfully operated my business LiVay Sweet Shop for more than 12 years and I myself have been living here for more than 46 years. When we say 46 years it means my whole life is spent here in “Plainfield Ward 4”. I have a high level of involvement in the community organizations and events,  in attending community meetings, gauging community values and needs. I’m also available and easily approachable.

As the founder of UR Cupcake Lady Cares:  which is a non-profit organization over past 5 years, I’m willing to build an ideal community. One that’s prosperous, sustainable, equitable, culturally rich and connected. It also includes meals  and shelter for the homeless people and orphans and disabled.

Today pollution is one of the biggest problems in communities: Plainfield is blessed with very beautiful first rate natural environment which is also popular among the residents but also the visitors. We shall work with Waste management authorities to make keep cleanliness in Ward 4.Sewege pot holes will also be fixed wherever there will required. To avoid pollution in our localities I’ve worked and organized “Fourth ward Clean Up” to make our ward clean and green with huge number of locals volunteering in it.


As NJ NAACP member: I support access to quality education, healthcare, economic opportunities to every individual belonging to any race, region, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation and  ideology. I also advocate for laws and policies to improve any community in my area that requires attention. I’m also working to fight against segregation, discrimination and violence in Plainfield.


As Chairwoman of Department of Public Works Committee: During my tenure I’ve closely worked on Engineering , Libraries, Recreation , Parks, and other Public Works Departments such as

• Sewer

• Solid Waste

• Streets

• Water

In this all I have developed an immense experience in these managing and working with in these departments. I have also developed friendly relations with seniors in these departments and of others. If  I’m elected then I shall attend local bodies such as community councils , local areas forums and voluntary organization for sectors to provide the better services.

As member of the Public Safety Committee: I have oversight of public safety services such as Police, EMS, Fire, emergency. I also have an understanding  to review and recommend approval for special events required by the city. In this we also discuss concerns which are raised by the citizens. As a councilor of 4th ward I shall scrutinize the performance of the council in delivering against the priorities and targets set.

• 2020 Planning Board Member

• 2020  Citizen Budget Member

• Chairwoman of  Department of Public works Committee

Goals after being elected

• I will work hard to stand up for the interest of the Ward

• I will be committed to ensure that every community receives the representation it deserves.

• I will firmly make possible that public services should be kept as local as possible

• I will give maximum support to voluntary groups and local civic events

• I will ensure that our environment is preserved and enhanced

• I will ensure that pot holes are properly repaired and that all local roads are maintained to a very high standard

• I will work to boost new business startups

• I will work harder to decrease the low level crime and anti-social behavior and ensure the presence of the police in almost all parts of the ward to tackle the problems of racial attacks

• I will publish the reports in advance and allow the press and public to attend meetings

• I shall work with Central government of Plainfield to ensure that council must work within tight limits when setting budgets

• I shall closely work with the government to deliver the priorities set by them to evaluate how effectively they work on local level

• I will be open and transparent

• I will ensure that statuary duties of the council are carried out successfully

• I will provide strategic leadership setting out policy of council by representing views  of the community

• I will do my best to make such decisions which are in the best interests of the community of the entire ward 4, including all businesses and local people and it will be in the well being of the local area.

• I will be individually and collectively accountable to the community , I will respond to request for information , defend council’s decisions and reason for the council’s actions

• I will make sure that council business is conducted with efficiency , effectiveness and impartiality.