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Sunday, May 23rd Soap for Hope Ur Cupcake Lady Cares /LiVay Sweet Shop delivered over 300 Bars of Soap to St.Lucy’s Emergency Shelter 619 Grove Street Jersey City NJ


 St. Lucy's Emergency Shelter accepts Hudson County homeless men or women over the age of 18. Housing up to 80 Case-Managed beds and 45 Outreach/Walk-in beds, for a total of 125 beds, the shelter provides three meals a day, clothing and outreach services for unsheltered individuals. St. Lucy's also offers showers and has a pantry program for individuals in the community who are not seeking shelter.

While it is definitely important that individuals donate food to their local pantries and shelters, we should also consider essentials such as a bar of soap.


Bars of Soap  are rarely donated to food pantries and homeless shelters?  If you ask people who volunteer and work at these places, they would undoubtedly say toiletries.

Soap for Hope 


A little Soap could be all it takes to provide someone a fresh outlook on life.


LiVay Sweet Shop is collecting 

Unused Bars of Soap 


All Bars of Soap collected will Be donated to different Local 

Soup Kitchens, Food Pantries and Emergency Homeless Shelters 

here in New Jersey 


May 18th - 29th